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Enhance the consumer experience and improve your competitive edge by accelerating point-of-sale (POS) payments and funds access with Accel® debit payments network from Fiserv®. Our nationwide retail and online acceptance enables consumers to expedite transactions, anywhere and anytime.

Speed, security and convenience are paramount for consumers who demand simple, flexible payment options. To attract consumers and stay ahead of competitors, you need to provide functionality that embraces current technology and delivers real-time point-of-sale payments and funds access. These capabilities must be available at traditional POS venues nationwide, online and via mobile devices.

You can depend on the real-time infrastructure of Accel debit payments network from Fiserv to deliver reliable, accelerated transactions that help strengthen consumer relationships and drive revenue opportunities in a competitive payments market. As the leading real-time payment service provider, we provide guaranteed authorized transactions and cost-effective transaction processing.

Our Service

Accel delivers real-time payment services that enable fast, efficient transactions online and at retail outlets nationwide. Consumers can choose from a variety of secure payment methods, including debit, prepaid and healthcare cards. We provide both PIN and PINless debit capabilities to help increase consumer satisfaction and to accelerate traditional POS and e-commerce transactions.

Accel is a leading U.S. debit payments network, delivering innovative functionality to stay ahead of evolving consumer needs. Our consumer payments focus helps you combat customer and member attrition, acquire new accounts and increase transactions.


Consumers want to conduct payments and access funds as quickly as possible. Our accelerated POS transaction services can help you meet that demand and differentiate your offerings from those of competitors by constantly innovating to remain a market leader.

Other benefits include:

  • Nationwide acceptance at retail outlets and online
  • Support for both PIN debit and convenient PINless debit, which can speed consumer transactions
  • Innovative functionality that can increase consumer satisfaction and attract new accounts from key demographic segments such as Millenials
  • Robust support for prepaid and healthcare cards, which can drive additional point-of-sale purchases
  • Routing efficiencies that deliver cost-effective transaction processing to improve your bottom line

What We Offer

Payment Cards
Accel continually innovates to incorporate current technology into our real-time payments services to help you stay ahead of competitors, attract and retain accounts and drive revenue opportunities. We support PIN and PINless transactions through debit, prepaid and healthcare cards and innovative cardless solutions, backed by the secure Accel debit payments network.

Card Solutions
The products, services and strategies of Card Solutions from Fiserv maximize revenue, increase customer acquisition, improve retention, reduce expense, minimize risk and increase share of wallet. Fiserv can help you deploy services for ATMs; credit, debit and prepaid cards; loyalty and rewards; debit payments network and card risk management.

Enhanced Security

Tokenization provides a secure method for third-party enablement such as mobile wallet, near-field communications (NFC) or QR codes and reduces fraud risk in digital channels like e-commerce.